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Studio Associato Traduttori e Interpreti Dott.ssa SILVA

Interpreting and professional legal translations in Naples

Studio Associato Traduttori ed Interpreti Dott.ssa Silva offers professional translation and interpreting services. The office is specialized in legal and legalized translations with apostille of deeds and documents for private and legal uses. Qualified by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry,Crafts and Agriculture of Naples, the Studio Associato Traduttori ed Interpreti Dott.ssa Silva works on both the national and international territory and it is enrolled at the Interpreters and Translators Register of Consulates and Embassies in Italy.

Studio Associato Traduttori ed Interpreti Dott.ssa Silva has a team of mother-tongue translators and interpreters of common and not common languages, our professionals are specialized in the legal, financial and administrative field in order to deliver high-quality and professional services. They are enrolled at the Interpreters and Translators Register of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Naples as well as the Register of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Naples, so that they can translate acts, documents, contracts and official certificates for legal and international use.

The office cooperates with more than 190 freelance translators who living all over the world as well as with a staff of 60 experts in legal- technical- scientific- administrative- financial globalization and localization services and in the commercial and notary assistance.

Our legal translators are professionals with years of experience in their fields: lawyers, accountants and tax consultants who can translate every kind of legal, administrative, financial, fiscal and other kinds of documents.


To ask for a quote for translations, document legalization, technical assistance, send an e-mail to or fill in the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM below, specifying the kind of document, the number of pages (sides) to translate and if you need the legalization/apostille. You can contact us:

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